strength money.
This is money’s final form. All of economic history has led us to Bitcoin. The perfect monetary policy. Impervious to debasement. Accessible to anyone. Controlled by no one. Infinite shelf-life. Lighter than air. Moves at the speed of light.View the Bitcoin White Paper (PDF)


Store your wealth securely. You earned it. Now keep it. Bitcoin has a strictly-limited supply. There will be 21 million bitcoin. That’s it.

Market-leading returns

Over 195% CAGR for the past decade. Translation: Bitcoin has nearly-tripled in price, on average, for each of the past 10 years.
Real Estate
A small group of people in the central bank sets the supply of cash to balance political needs. These needs often dictate a supply increase, diluting any cash balances kept as a store of value. The Bitcoin protocol set the supply of Bitcoin at a fixed value, to maximize its utility as a store of value.

Tax clarity

“For federal tax purposes, virtual currency is treated as property.”“Bitcoin is one example of a convertible virtual currency.” —IRS

Always on

Banking holidays. You know. Those days when your money doesn’t work. The Federal Reserve takes 11 days off per year. That’s 3% downtime. Add in weekends and it’s over 30%. Bitcoin works nights, weekends, and holidays, with less than 0.03% downtime over its 13 year life—a 1000x improvement.
Annual service availability

Days of operation


Hours of operation


Trades 24/7

Buy or sell any time you want. More trading history than the S&P500. Bitcoin never sleeps, pal.
Annual market availability

Trading days


Trading hours


Low fees

Pay a flat rate regardless of value transacted. Can move $1 billion for less than $1. Bitcoin formalizes and automates the transaction process, letting anyone compete to be a financial intermediary. This drives efficiency in costs. Bitcoin passes the savings on to you.

Fast transfers

Move any amount of money in 10 minutes or less. Compare that to wire transfer timing, fees, and conditions. No phone calls to confirm. No FBO codes. All you need to send money is Bitcoin wallet software, a destination address, and some Bitcoin, of course.


Every single transaction is independently-validated by a global network of 13,389 nodes, preventing counterfeiting, forgery, and debasement. You can audit Bitcoin yourself. Yes, you. Run a node with as little as a Raspberry Pi and the open-source Bitcoin Core software. This network instantly rejects invalid transactions, ensuring no one else can change the rules.

Unparalleled security

Hard work makes hard money. Bitcoin miners perform over 168 exahashes per second—that’s 168,200,000,000,000,000,000—in their mathematical competition to mine transaction blocks. Whichever one cracks the code first, gets to add a block of transactions to the global Bitcoin ledger—that’s the blockchain. To the winner go the transaction fees.

Altering that ledger in a 51% attack would cost billions of dollars and vast quantities of scarce chips. Even then, the worst an attacker could do is undo recent transactions—like bouncing a check. Elliptic-curve cryptography prevents anyone from ever spending your Bitcoin without your signature.


Bitcoin uses <1% of global energy production to provide this computational security. Somewhere between the energy used by people watching TV, and electronics doing nothing in standby mode.
Annual energy usage


Total production5
Standby electronics8


Bitcoin is designed for adversarial conditions. In 2021, over 50% of Bitcoin mining happened in China. When China banned it, miners dispersed worldwide. Bitcoin continued operating without disruption, and recovered its previous mining rate in under 6 months.


Carry an unlimited amount, anywhere in the world, with just 24 words, stamped in steel, and a passphrase. Store it in your pocket, on a hardware wallet the size of a calculator, to sign transactions securely even if your phone or computer gets hacked.

Available worldwide

Receive Bitcoin transaction data via internet, satellite, even HAM radio. Anyone can join the Bitcoin network by simply installing an app.


An estimated 46 million Americans own Bitcoin. So do public companies like TSLA, SQ, MSTR and more. And so does El Salvador, where Bitcoin is legal tender and over 60% of the population has it.
I like bitcoin as a portfolio diversifier” —Paul Tudor Jones
I’d rather have bitcoin than a bond” —Ray Dalio
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